How to check redundancy on RAID array

Data recovery from RAID arrays with the help of Data Extractor RAID Edition

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How to check redundancy on RAID array

Postby Nick_TS » 13.11.15, 15:02


In case when a drive is malfunctioning in an array, and you manage to read its data using the suite but you doubt that the data is entirely valid. In such cases redundancy can be used for indirect data validation instead of its recovery.

In DE RE there are several useful redundancy-related functions such as:
- Data check based on redundancy (compare calculated XOR and XOR on member);
- Data recovery based on redundancy when some members are missed or some members have unreadable sectors;
- It is possible to simulate unreadable sectors based on “map of unused sectors” when RAID array worked without and it has invalid data;
- It's possible to 'drive' – XOR of several drives (SPECIAL-XOR level in DE RE) to create for example actual copy of missed member.

Complex cases require several ways to check redundancy and recover data. For more information please contact technical support department.
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