MX100 Crucial 512GB Ready- Ready/Busy- Ready

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MX100 Crucial 512GB Ready- Ready/Busy- Ready

Postby AST770 » 01.09.23, 04:03

Hello All,

I have a Crucial MX100 512GB that gets Ready and then busy when trying to identify the drive.
After leaving the drive for a minute the drive will get back to ready state and this time it will identify the drive fine.

Entering the utility, the drive display Nand Chips id properly.
When backing up resources there are three errors: Bootloader, Firmware header and MOD 7.
Creating a Data extractor task and attempting to read from utility reads with no errors but nothing is found.
The drive is not encrypted or password protected.
No NTFS or RAW files are found.

I then attempted Translator building from utility.
A list of IP modules is generated and I tried the top 10 results.
I changed the reading parameters and selected logical reading using L2P table for each of the results
but attempts with Data extractor were unsuccessful.
I have attached pictures to show above results.

Crucial MX100 utility does not provide the option to start in safe mode, the selection is greyed out.
I am not sure if the pins for safe mode are the pair next to the Marvell controller.
I tried them and drive gets ready right away but No id is available this way.
I don't know if forcing the drive to enter in safe mode will allow the utility to load matching firmware
as the Manual says and provide better results.

I am out of ideas.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: MX100 Crucial 512GB Ready- Ready/Busy- Ready

Postby Roman_TS » 01.09.23, 15:35

Please make a ticket on, our engineers will guide you.
With best regards
ACELab Technical Support

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