First Chip FC1179

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First Chip FC1179

Postby jerema » 20.10.20, 15:40


I got an usb drive with chip on board with FC1179 Controller.

Did anyone knows the pinlayout for this controllership ?


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Re: First Chip FC1179

Postby goooz » 20.02.23, 12:53

I need Pinout or Datasheet for FC1178 / FC1179 Controller too. Who can help?
My NAND is complete glued with composite shit.
ACELAB do you have one?


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Re: First Chip FC1179

Postby arvika » 25.02.23, 20:06

This cases are very problematic. Pinout is the smallest problem. It use adaptive XOR + cut pages + software bad bits + problem with structure + complicated assembly algorithm. In fact each cases is other and need special solution. We can solve most of such cases with full structure.

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