Recover Deleted files from MX300

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Recover Deleted files from MX300

Postby Paulfromsurrey » 18.05.19, 15:26

I am trying to find some deleted files on this drives

seems like i can not find the option show deleted files in data extractor

Please let me know if you can help
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Re: Recover Deleted files from MX300

Postby SGdata » 19.05.19, 08:09

Scan MFT or make a snapshot. Then you'll be able to select "show deleted".
I doub't that you'll find working deleted files from MX300

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Re: Recover Deleted files from MX300

Postby DataMedics » 08.06.19, 14:28

You'll probably want to research something called " T.R.I.M. " before you waste too much time on the case. Depending on the OS that performed the deletion, most likely there's no chance.

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