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Clean room

Postby digiforin » 21.09.09, 09:50

We are planing purchase laminar flow cabinet for reassembling hard disks. In Internet I found many variants and I have is hard to choice a best model.
What would be better - horizontal laminar flow cabinet or vertical laminar flow cabinet?
Cabinet will be use for recovery of 3-5 HDD in month and size of cabinet maybe would be 600x600x930cm. But this parameters are for vertical laminar flow cabinet not for horizontal. In other forums I found that better is horizontal laminar flow cabinet. What are yours suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Clean room

Postby Lux » 23.11.09, 13:26

Hi Digiforin,
We use a Class5 Clean Room for our work. It has classical vertical laminar flow, provided by its HEPA filters. I really don't know if horizontal flow would be better or not. All I can tell you is that vertical flow works very good for me. We open about 10-15 drives per month. From my experience, main problems can come from wearings or from not well cleaned drives themselves...
If you have some questions I will be happy to answer you!

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Re: Clean room

Postby betty » 24.03.15, 14:46

hello Lucio,

I know that your best in head replacement and Hard disk repair with help of Clean room. I decide to purchase a good clean room and do the head replacement.
Can you give some tips for following doubts:

1) how much help one clean room to success in head replacement.
2)any tips for clean room , when we purchase new one
3) Can we make in house clean room? if yes how?
4) any tips for head replacement.
5) Can we make head combs/tools(in house)? if yes how?

Please share your experience ,regarding head replacement and clean room.

My email ID:

awaiting your reply

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