1TB SSD S4LN058A01 controller

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1TB SSD S4LN058A01 controller

Postby teknik » 10.06.22, 12:27


I have a drive with this controller that stays in RDY when powered on, but does not ID.
Any attempt of communication with the SSD makes it stay in BSY mode.
I see this controller is not supported, should I replace the controller with another one? as far as I know, nothing is stored con RAM or CPU.
Moreover, this drive has Filevault 2 encryption.

Many thanks in advance

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Re: 1TB SSD S4LN058A01 controller

Postby digitalsupport » 12.06.22, 18:31

Think controller is working just fine. If it goes RDY and BSY on access trouble is bit errors in FW part of NAND.
Without controller support there is not much you can do. Adjusting NAND supply or temperature did not help in these Samsung cases i have seen.

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