SSDPEKKF256G8L Intel 256GB Topic is solved

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SSDPEKKF256G8L Intel 256GB

Postby pad-dataservice » 29.10.21, 17:24

Is Intel SSDPEKKF256G8L supported by pc3000, and if not - is there any plans to do so?

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Re: SSDPEKKF256G8L Intel 256GB  Topic is solved

Postby Roman_TS » 29.10.21, 18:09

Hello Michael,

Intel-based drives are extremely complex. They might use the same CPU platform as other (supported) brands, like SM2263XT or SM2263EN, but Intel engineers completely rewrite the default SM firmware which makes it impossible to use existing Utilities.
As I can see, your model is one of them - CPU is SM2262/63, but with Intel firmware.
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