NVME WD Blue SA510 SanDisk A101-000125

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NVME WD Blue SA510 SanDisk A101-000125

Postby se134 » 26.12.23, 06:42

Hi, I have an nvme with SanDisk A101-000125 controller.
It is not recognized by PC3000SSD.

It connects to a PC3000SSD,
BSY: off
DRD: dark green
DWF: dark green
DSC: dark green
DRQ: dark green
CRR: dark green
IDX: dark green
ERR: dark red

BBK: off
UNC: off
INF: off
ABR: off
TON: off
AMN: dark red

Power 5V: bright green
Power 12V: bright green

And sometimes the whole thing blinks.

Is a solution possible with pc3000?

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Re: NVME WD Blue SA510 SanDisk A101-000125

Postby Roman_TS » 26.12.23, 09:19


List of supported SSD drives you can find by the link below:

https://blog.acelab.eu.com/pc-3000-ssd- ... dated.html

Native Sandisk controllers are not supported. And this drive is Sata-based, not NVMe.
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