New version of PC-3000 for SCSI & Data Extractor SCSI

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New version of PC-3000 for SCSI & Data Extractor SCSI

Postby Sales » 13.09.11, 08:42

Essential software improvements and modifications have been done in this update:

- To enable proper working in Windows 7, mechanism of accessing disks has been changed. One more access method – SPTI has been added. Now, in utility settings you can choose access method between ASPI and SPTI without restarting your PC-3000 SCSI system
- Utility interface has new improvements in the way they are done in PC-3000 UDMA system
- Now PC-3000 SCSI system also supports SCSI HDD with capacity more than 2 TB
- Utility for working with Hitachi GST HDD has been added
- We have revised utility codes, modified algorithms of CP and module reading/writing because SPTI has been added
- Now you can start Seagate utility using module tables and CP by default, and also resources from profile or database
- Fujitsu utility has changes with CP's and modules methods of reading and writing

All users of Technical Support for PC-3000 for SCSI & Data Extractor SCSI can download new version 5.0.1. from our update server

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