HD Seagate ST336754LC

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HD Seagate ST336754LC

Postby digital » 12.11.10, 23:07

I have 3 hard drive Seagate ST336754LC / BF03688284 with same problem. The Hard drive don't is reconized by the controller. When I power on the hard drive I have all steps how a good hard drive, (spin up, head do all moviments) but don't is reconized. I don't have problem with cable or controller because other disk of same model is reconized normally. I think that this hard drive have a problem in a component of board. Does anyone know what this component that prevents the disc from being recognized?

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Re: HD Seagate ST336754LC

Postby ACE_Admin » 13.11.10, 09:39


There are two basic steps that can clear the situation.

Connect drive controller and plug in power supply, then power it on and enter Universal utility.
Then perform Readinnes and recalibration test and post the results to forum . According these results I can tell you the problem with this drive.

You can also connect good drive and check its readinnes/recalibration test to be sure with SCSI controller you have in your system.
So, please provide me logs from both good and bad drives, also provide me their models.

If good drive has same model as on bad drive you may try hot-swap method and read patient tracks. Please provide me that info and I will give you further steps.
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ACE Lab technical support

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