Using Samsung BURN

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Using Samsung BURN

Postby hddr49 » 02.06.14, 14:02

Hi guys !
In one of my case, I made mistakes, causing pcb donnor got a "no overlay code" message in terminal, and stay busy.
Now, with another donnor, I have recover files and case is close.

For training, I try to fix the fautly PCB, using BURN resources.

Model : HM500JI

first, I write BURN ressources to HDD.
- find resources in ace repository, insert into database
- figure that part number is 4 fist digits of P/N on lower sticker
- search for this P/N, check H/T Burn-In Code, download via terminal and OK

I was able to reach the drive ready, DRD/DRQ, access to sa
I rewrite all modules and service track from sabackup I first done when I recieve the drive

but access to data is impossible (unc)

I try to rewrite ROM, but after that I have no overlay code message again.

Any advice for me ?

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Re: Using Samsung BURN

Postby Nick_TS » 25.07.14, 15:42


Pleaase send us terminal log after drive's repower.
With best regards
ACELab technical support

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