Samsung HD103SJ FW 1AJ10001 corrupt ROM - HOTSWAP woes

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Samsung HD103SJ FW 1AJ10001 corrupt ROM - HOTSWAP woes

Postby » 10.05.14, 01:00

Hi, I hope my Subject header is not too much the same!

I have a HD103SJ with dead ROM. I know this because I ordered exact
match full donor, transplanted patient ROM to Donor board and I get
identical condition, which is no spinning and solid BSY light in PC3000.
AND, I put Donor ROM on Patient controller and Donor works perfectly.

Then, I went through hot swap procedure. While reading Patient modules
I noticed corrupt ALIST. When finished hot-swap (really had no idea what
modules to transfer because the Hot-Swap procedure Sticky at the top of
this Section does not mention Samsung F3 - so I took a guess based on
the others), Patient seems to work but will not read ANY data - all RED
errors in PC3K Express test.

So, I reversed everything and started procedure again, this time replacing
many more modules. Same condition, all RED errors. But now, I cannot
recover/fix the Donor drive, as both HDAs now stay BSY with the swapped
controller data of the Patient.

Obviously I should have addressed the ALIST error (?)

I am stuck. I really cannot afford another Donor to fix two donors. But and
exact match controller is available for 1/3 price - would that fix my Donor?

Any Ideas to repair Donor, or do I need another Donor or just Card? I can address
the Patient after this...


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