Samsung HD321KJ T166(S)

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Samsung HD321KJ T166(S)

Postby » 19.03.14, 18:16

Hi this drive failed-in-place. It does not ID in PC3000 and shows .49MB for size.

(I get the 2 Green lights correctly, but BSY appears after a few minutes.)

Drive spins and no scratchy or clicking sounds. There is NO Terminal output whatsoever.
But the log shows: (in RED)
"Techno mode error: unexpected error: drive is not ready
Utility initialization was terminate!"

Just opened and closed it in the clean-room - it's pristine inside.

I am thinking this is a firmware issue, but my PC3000 manual does not have information
on this series of drives. (Is there a newer PC3000 manual I should know about?).

Any help towards a next step would be appreciated.


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Re: Samsung HD321KJ T166(S)

Postby AJ2008 » 28.04.14, 14:57

If you get DRDY, then on attempts to access you get BSY in addition, it could be some issue with SMART - I see these conditions before in cases where SMART is bad.

Easiest way to identify issues would be to hotswap and check SA on patient for obvious errors.

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Re: Samsung HD321KJ T166(S)

Postby Nick_TS » 30.07.14, 18:18


First of all you should check the PCB.
Find a donor and screw it's PCB to patient HDA.
Check the drive in utility.
If results will be the same, you should check the heads.
Unscrew the HDA and verify if there is a scratched surfaces.
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