I had SP1233N. help me.

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I had SP1233N. help me.

Postby gmdata » 16.01.12, 03:43

Hi everyone?

I've got one question in samsung HDD?
I had Samsung HDD.
Model : SP1233N
Family : P80A
Heads number : 3ea
Firmware: WA200-3
HDD has got burned PCB.

I tried to change donor PCB from SP1624N.
PC3K realized different model.
Model: SP0822N
Family : Rubicon.
Heads number : 2ea (PC3K read 3 heads from SA area.)

I need to change haeds number.
If you had change method, help me.

and I tried to copy sector to target HDD from damage HDD.
but HDD stoped copy work about 4GB.

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