BSY with terminal errors LED 1A03/LED 1A04

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BSY with terminal errors LED 1A03/LED 1A04

Postby admin » 08.12.11, 09:05

The new Samsung drives (3.5" F1_3D, 2.5" M7S2 and newer) that show 2-byte errors in terminal and have read/write errors in SA can't get ready state (after softreset).There's a special command that helps to force the HDD initialization.

1. Turn drive on, run Samsung utility
2. Open terminal window
3. Restart power of HDD and wait till you get an error LED 1A03/LED 1A04
4. Enter the command "LE"

The drive will spin up and initialize by ATA, launch SA structure test then. (usually A-list clean is required)
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Re: BSY with terminal errors LED 1A03/LED 1A04

Postby datacare » 28.12.11, 14:58

After LE Command it is coming to ready status, but i cannot get sector access, I have run A List clear command it is showing the following error

A-LIST clearing
Clearing................................ : by ALIST initialization command
A-LIST initialization error; Device Error Detected 51/40 (UNC)
Test completed

A-LIST clearing
Clearing................................ : by utility method
Writing A-LIST.......................... : Ok
Test completed

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Re: BSY with terminal errors LED 1A03/LED 1A04

Postby Towerrat79 » 23.07.13, 17:21

I just used the Clear A-List command and it solved the problem. I have access to the drive!!

Thanks for posting this
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