Help with Samsung HM250HI

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Help with Samsung HM250HI

Postby aribot » 22.03.11, 14:23

Hello to everybody,

this is my first post, and my first case with PC3000, and hope someone can help me.

We have a Samsung HM250HI from the family M7S2 2.5" (SATA).
The HD doesn't make any suspicious noise.
It's detected by PC3000 and I could run some test. In fact I've runned physical reading test and the results are:

No problem reading with header 1, but with all errors when I choose the header 0.
Could be this mean a bad header which needs to be replaced?

It's strange when reading SA , I can see in Terminal there is HEAD 0 reads, and there is no error.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help with Samsung HM250HI

Postby ACE_Admin » 29.03.11, 09:37

Hello Alex

Please attach SA Structure test report and terminal output to new message, its necessary to check it to answer you.
With best regards
ACE Lab technical support

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