SP2014N Hot-swap

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SP2014N Hot-swap

Postby BSIT » 17.01.11, 03:17


patient hdd is SP2014N, pcb damaged.

i don't have matched pcb.

so i tried hot-swap.

i could read modules and sucess hot-swap.

but i couldn't copy in de.

there's so many badsector.

i don't know badsectors are really on disk or cause by hot-swap.

anyone knows about it?
add one more thing.

when i read modules from donor and patient

i thought module '06 config' has fw information.

patient has '100- 33c91 SAMSUNG SP2014N VC'

donor has '100- 33s91 SAMSUNG SP2014N VC'

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Re: SP2014N Hot-swap

Postby dmarques » 18.01.11, 10:01

What modules have you copied to the donor?

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