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Postby entec » 13.06.15, 13:15

I have an hdd WD WD3200BUDT-62DPZY0 , an when autodetect he this error VSCE_DRVPROT_DRIVE_IS_LOCKED and not have access Service Area, i can only READ ROM , anithing operation is imposibile on this hdd. How i can FIX this problem ?? Thanks.

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Postby AJ2008 » 15.06.15, 09:56

This is a Jamaica 4KV drive, and I think is a rare model because is not found in laptop etc, it is in digital media players I think.

I do not know what your issue is, I never see this before, but unless it has some ATA lock there should not really be any other level of protection. I can try to look at it remotely for you if this is helpful, it is interesting for me too.

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