Drive Gets Ready - but can't id- Device error detected "ABR"

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Drive Gets Ready - but can't id- Device error detected "ABR"

Postby odedshankar » 16.06.15, 11:40

Hi Folks,

I got the above described drive.
When i got it, it got to Ready state but no ID.
I had terminal access all along.
Heads are good(i tried swap with good donor and they work fine) so it is FW problem.

Things i did:
1. got to terminal.
2. checked NRGList with V40 command - it was empty.
3. i executed the m0,2,2,,,,,22 command and restart the drive.
4. i powered it on and waited for few minutes.
5. drive now came ready and i scanned the beginning of the drive successfully without errors.
6. In this state i did resource backup to have a working FW copy.
7. Then since NRGList got full, i cleared it up and ran m0,6,3,,,,,22 command.
8. The i restarted the drive and it came ready for 1 time or two very hard after waiting few minutes.
9. After few minutes i started the drive and from then till now - it never identifies anymore - gets ready but wehn trying to read id - always gives "ABR" error.

What do you recommend to do?
Since the drive is not id'd, can i restore it to the working FW using the terminal? in this case how can i do that and which modules or system files do i need to restore?


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Re: Drive Gets Ready - but can't id- Device error detected "

Postby AJ2008 » 16.06.15, 13:20

Is it just ABR error you see, or are there some other registers active? Did you clear all autoreassign options and MC parameters?

Im at skype if you want to chat there?

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