Hi everyong help ST9500325AS please

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Hi everyong help ST9500325AS please

Postby gmdata » 03.04.15, 04:52

Dear everyone.

I received HDD ST9500325AS.
This HDD can read about 73,000,000 sectors.
but HDD can not read 73,000,00 more sectors.
When I tried read sector showed read error.

I tried Clear SMART, Clear Alt list, translator regeneration. but HDD is not changed.

The HDD is recognized correctly capacity.

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Re: Hi everyong help ST9500325AS please

Postby rezafarah » 04.04.15, 20:22

this problem is very usual in this model because of translator problem,
try "recover translator". if it works so you can access to SA and all sectors. if not then you should consulate an expert.
also see this:

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Re: Hi everyong help ST9500325AS please

Postby AJ2008 » 07.04.15, 10:01

Or change reading mode in DE task to use active utility. It will read slowly. Very slow. Best advice is to follow advice from rezafarah first

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