Toshiba MK5061GSYN

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Toshiba MK5061GSYN

Postby drp » 12.02.15, 05:36

Firmware : MH000C
Capacity : 465.76 GB (976 773 168)

HDD getting detected,also showing data but if i am trying to image process is very slow and reads more bad sectors(Back Legends)
But if i cleared Glist it starting imaging fast but sectors with ecc error(Dark Green).
If i repowered HDD same issue of slow coping .

any suggestions,please guide

Thanks in advance.....

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Re: Toshiba MK5061GSYN

Postby AJ2008 » 16.02.15, 14:48

Decrease timeout for reading each sector, increase retries to 4 or 5 (or even higher). After image is complete (or image of some specific areas or folders) then clear all dark green blocks and repeat read.

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