Z7K500-500 HDD ID has not been read

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Z7K500-500 HDD ID has not been read

Postby Smartming » 21.04.14, 05:41

Hi all,
I have the following drive i need some help with please:
Model: HTS725050A7E630
HDD: Z7K500-500
MLC: DA5146

Drive gets 'ready' in pc3000 but as soon as I go to 'ID' the drive I get: "HDD ID has not been read. Error: Device error detected "ABR" run utility?"

Remains "ready" with DRD and DSC, but also have ERR and ABR.

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Re: Z7K500-500 HDD ID has not been read

Postby AJ2008 » 28.04.14, 13:33

When you enter utility, ensure correct family is selected and ensure check box 'Tech Key Detection' is selected, then enter. now try to read ID again.

Probably you will need to run command for translator fix, it is recently added feature to utility

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