Out of memory error stops DE tasks

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Out of memory error stops DE tasks

Postby hard2bit » 12.02.14, 10:56


I'm getting an Out of Memory error while saving data from two hard disks connected to ATA 0 and ATA 1, using data extractor. I am saving through the tree view (both drives are mainly OK) and I have enough free space on two external hard disks for dumping the data. The Out Of Memory error comes in the log of both DE tasks, and it comes together with a Fill_Dir() error. I have enough RAM on the computer, and the PC3000UDMA_KERNEL process is not eating more than 300,000 kB of RAM.

Both drives have a large directory NTFS structure, with thousands of folders and up to a million files, maybe, but the process does not seem to be very exhausted.

What could be the problem?

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