BAD CUSTOMER WARNING!!! USA Companies Take Note!

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BAD CUSTOMER WARNING!!! USA Companies Take Note!

Postby DataMedics » 02.06.16, 12:56

OK, I've never done anything like this because I'm not a childish tit-for-tat type of person. However this idiot has pushed me to my limit. I've never even done any business with him, short of one phone call he made to us. Then he starts spewing nonsense about how data recovery guys are all scammers who are just keeping secrets about something simple that could be done using freeware tools in your parents basement, and we are all just keeping it secret so we can rip people off.

Anyway, a few of us tried to adjust his thinking and he just went off on us. You can read what hasn't been moderated out on this reddit thread: ... ike_heads/

Sadly this clown has approx 68 drives needing recovery (mix of RAID arrays, and single drives) which were all sabotaged by his former business partners. I'm honestly not surprised they hate him so badly.

Now, he's gone as far as to register the domain: which he's messaged me saying he's going to use to defame my company. I've never even done business with him for crying out loud!!!

Anyway, here's the whois info on him: (it's his real name I checked) so you know who it is I'm talking about.

I'm just warning you guys for your own sanity, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

If you do decide to take on the case (it's a lot of work I realize), make sure to add on the usual "idiot surcharge" of at least double the normal rate. Trust me, after my short dealing with him it'd take ten times my normal rate to even consider doing business with him. There's just no amount of money worth the stress of dealing with people like this.

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