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Suggestion to Admin

Postby pclab » 14.03.14, 11:18

Hello Admin of ACE

I see that the forum is not very participated by de administrators to try to help and give answers on topics.
I see topics without answer for many days.

Why is that?
You should start to see and answer the topics if possible.

Thank You

PS: see this as a constructive critic. :wink:

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Re: Suggestion to Admin

Postby AJ2008 » 28.04.14, 14:25

I have to agree. I try to respond and help where I can, but I am not part of Acelab and sometimes would be nice to see some responses from Ace on some of the more complex topics...

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Re: Suggestion to Admin

Postby Alex_TS » 29.07.14, 12:13


There are plenty of staff to answer all your questions.
We have accumulated a pretty big collection of cases, we have met in the past.
Growing knowledgebase on our helpdesk server can help you to find the answer for your question quickly,
even when ACE Laboratory staff members are not online.
With best regards
ACELab technical support

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