Size of Volumes in Data-Extractor

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Size of Volumes in Data-Extractor

Postby a_kuiper » 26.05.12, 14:41

Would it be possible to allow volume-sizes larger than 2 GB in the data-extractor? It would be a lot more convenient to have a single file for post-processing and handling in general.

Thanks for your consideration...

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Re: Size of Volumes in Data-Extractor

Postby Filipp_TS » 19.04.13, 11:26


In connection with features of file system values of the sizes of files in DE are optimum for work DE.
Also You may create NewTask to another HDD. Then DE will write down a sectors from donor drive to receiver HDD.

Important! Receiver HDD before writing must be empty. Else data will be re-write.
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