ACE Laboratory opens access to our know-how!

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ACE Laboratory opens access to our know-how!

Postby Sales » 16.03.11, 08:24

ACE Laboratory opens access to our know-how!

As most data recovery experts know, ACE company is the founder of professional data recovery tool technology and has been unanimously recognized as the world leader during 20 years. During all these years we have been conducted research and development works day-by-day plunging into such complicated technologies as Hard Disk Drive, Flash based drives, other storage devices and data recovery from them.

Owing to constant dramatical increase in volumes of data stored on all types of storage media, storage technology and consequently data recovery technology are getting more and more complex. Generally, it can be harder for specialists worldwide to get started in data recovery business and succeed. Now together with the most efficient tools, KNOWLEDGE is must-have for success in data recovery.

We have dedicated our lives to gather thorough knowledge that helps us in producing the efficient data recovery products. We used to make individual training sessions for our resellers and customers with whom we have close cooperation. Now we have decided to open knowledge, accumulated within 20 years, for public access.

Everybody who does data recovery and each user of PC-3000 products is welcome to visit us! We start the unprecedented series of «Most Efficient Data Recovery» seminars! They will be regularly conducted in our front office in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. You can get first-hand knowledge and experience from the very founders in professional data recovery technology!
Why do we share our know-how? The more you know - the more you earn, and the more you earn - the more satisfied we are. Great results are achieved by knowledge interchange.

The first opening event will be «Most efficient Nand Recovery Technology» seminar on the 20th - 22nd of April, 2011. SSD and flash memory drives are gaining popularity making data recovery from them the important task for data recovery professionals — that's why this very discipline will start the process of giving our know-how to you.

The next «PC-3000 technology for Data Recovery from HDD» seminar will be held on the 27th - 29th of April, 2011. It will comprise the most urgent trends and features in data recovery from Hard Disk Drives, vital for each specialist in data recovery.

° Attention! — Due to personalized approach only 6 attendees are welcome now. Right now you can register yourself for the training seminars in April to be the first honorable visitor! If you are not in time to visit these seminars, we can reserve your attendance for the coming seminars (May, June etc.)

° The most optimal combination of theory and practice for the most comprehensive understanding.

° Face to face opportunity to discuss interesting and useful issues with the developers of PC-3000 products. Fully equipped working places with PC-3000 tools and all other necessary things help to apply all new knowledge in practice under the guidance of competent trainers.

° Special bonuses in acquiring PC-3000 tools for all attendees.

° For more information, please feel free to contact

Open new horizons for your data recovery business by using our knowledge!

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Re: ACE Laboratory opens access to our know-how!

Postby FredW » 31.10.12, 21:37

My dearest friends!
I may say again "Spasiba Bolschoie" for your very,very,very good support and training.The days in Russia with you and your very good energy will be always in my heart and motivate me in my every days work.all my best for you guys and looking forward to see you again Fritz from Afstrij

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