Working Principle

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Working Principle

Postby kaninitechnology » 04.04.19, 10:57

I am New to data Recovery Field.Past 1 year I am using the ACELAB Tool PC3K-UDMA. 1st i Thank to Acelab For Developed the Tool.Its really Excellent. I ready the many hdd & recovered data's.Even Normally Not working hdd's are simply detecting while entering into the PC3K Utilty & recovering process are so easy & nice, But Some time use tricks may help to detect the problematical hdd's & More Useful options for recover the data . I Really Love it.So 1st i want to know How is the tool is working & How the tool is diagnosing the problem? Anybody Know Pls Explain.It will be useful for Improve my Knowledge. :D :D :D :D

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Re: Working Principle

Postby DataMedics » 04.04.19, 18:07

kaninitechnology wrote:Source of the post How the tool is diagnosing the problem? Anybody Know Pls Explain.

I'm afraid the answer to that question is very complex and will vary from case to case. In cases where, as you say, the drive's just seem to work in PC3K but not normally connected to a computer, there probably is no actual "repair" happening. It's more likely that the drive is just unstable at the normal read timeouts an OS such as Windows uses. Because PC3K more carefully regulates this and can detect a drive that gets stuck busy or loses readiness, it's able to reset the drive and keep it reading.

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