Dell Laptop - With bit locker encryption

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Dell Laptop - With bit locker encryption

Postby redlabs » 02.08.18, 12:54

Dear friends ,
We Received lots of dell laptop with bit locker recovery , But clients dont have recovery keys ,Any solution to break up bit locker ,With out key ,or any option to recover data ?

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Re: Dell Laptop - With bit locker encryption

Postby AJ2008 » 02.08.18, 13:36

Advise them to check microsoft account online where it is possible they may have a bitlocker key backup (assuming user has registered online)

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Re: Dell Laptop - With bit locker encryption

Postby O.S » 01.11.23, 07:49

a Hard drive encrypted by Bit locker , windows is damaged, the client went to computer service shop , he formatted his hard drive and installed a new operation system and other software , now the client asked my help to recover his encrypted data has formatted!
I guess it's impossible.
Is there any solution available ? :wave:

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Re: Dell Laptop - With bit locker encryption

Postby davidgsi » 13.05.24, 04:18

unfortunately with DELL they have been turning this on automatically and not informing cx that they have done this. if you have any cx that have a dell I would advise them to turn off this future or make sure they have the recovery key. There are some hard ways to recover the key however these methods will take time and resources that must cx will not want to pay for. The recovery key is installed on the local TPM chip. This can be captured and then applied to the recovery process.

However in your instance having windows reinstalled will be a problem. If the original recovery key could be restored possibly could be possible to recover the drive as long al nothing else has been installed or copied onto the drive. There of course is no guaranty to any recovery after a reinstall if the needed data was over written with the new windows etc.

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Re: Dell Laptop - With bit locker encryption

Postby arvika » 10.06.24, 16:44

We have some success with such cases. Need drive + laptop + untouched system (no format, no overwritten etc.).
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