Pin WP and VSP Description?

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Pin WP and VSP Description?

Postby procurement » 12.10.19, 11:02


in my pin description for my transcend microSDHC 16GB ther is two pin caled WP and VSP. the question is: what are these pins and what are correspond in PC3000 Flash? are these command lines or what?

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Re: Pin WP and VSP Description?

Postby Roman_TS » 12.10.19, 14:29

Hello. WP means Write Protect. You can ignore it or set as a GND. VSP - something new. There are only 16 important contacts in any ONFI monolith: GND, VCC, 8 bus lines + 6 command pins (CE,RE,ALE,CLE,R/B,WE). WP is not important.
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