Spider Board and eMMCs

Questions about different pinouts, scheme of soldering and required equipment

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Spider Board and eMMCs

Postby mmessuri » 24.04.24, 14:57

I am new to using the spider board and was wondering if rather than soldering to all the pins and using the sd card adapter can I use the spider board to connect and read from the emmc (the emmc in question is a kingston EMMC04G-W627-M06U, which I have the pinout for). If it is, are there any informational documents or videos that I could follow to help me through my first time using the spider board for doing this kind of task (I have severl BGA 153 eMMC chips I need to process and rather than buying another adapter/programmer I would really like to use the PC-3000 Flash [and accessories] to quickly go through them).

Thanks for your time.

BTW: The version of the PC-3000 Flash software I am using is 8.2.10

-- Michael --

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