Logic analyzer usage

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Logic analyzer usage

Postby jand_krmnl » 08.12.23, 07:29

Hello, I need to use Logic analyzer to identify the pinouts of my microSD, but i never work before on logic analyzer. I have dslogic. To find out, I wanted to test it on a 3*7 SD card whose pinout I know. My settings are as follows.

Logic analyzer mode - buffer
Sampling rate / frequency 100Mhz
Threshold: 1.6V for VccQ = 3.3V;
Sampling time - 100 milliseconds

Since my pc3000 adapter was not complete, I connected the logic analyzer to Rusolut. I power the SD card or read the ID using Rusolut. However, I noticed that I also see signals on pins that I have not connected. :shockable: Where am I making a mistake? Also, how else can I send the read id command? Is this the correct path I follow? Thank you everyone. :wave:

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