One Samsung chip read as 2 chip

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One Samsung chip read as 2 chip

Postby hfelemban » 07.10.17, 17:52

I have Samsung K9BCG08U1A-MCB0
Controller SM3255Q

When I read the chip, I found the chip details all, but under the chip threr is 2 chips.

I check all solution no one has 2 chips. The 2 chips are exaclly the same.

It is one chip but in Transformation Graph threr are 2

Should I romve the extra chip?

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Re: One Samsung chip read as 2 chip

Postby jerema » 08.10.17, 21:35

You mean one chip with two parts ?
I think this is correct.

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Re: One Samsung chip read as 2 chip

Postby Roman_TS » 09.10.17, 10:03

It's a normal situation when inside one physical chip you can find two logical parts. It's just a way of increasing capacity inside one NAND flash package.
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