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PS5013-E13-35 [ Supported ]

Posted: 08.05.22, 15:11
by Amarbir[CDR-Labs]
Hello ,
There is a Prograde C Fast Card based on PS5013-E13-35 , It has two BGA-132 Chips ,Is this supported .

Re: PS5013-E13-35 [ Supported ]

Posted: 08.05.22, 22:45
by DataMedics
There's no reason it shouldn't be supported. C Fast is just SATA with a different connector. Every C Fast card I've ever gotten in just used the generic loader for the controller. I don't think they reprogram the FW like some laptop makers do.

Re: PS5013-E13-35 [ Supported ]

Posted: 09.05.22, 10:14
by Roman_TS
Hello Amarbir.

PS5013 is supported in Portable III, there is a chance if you find a good adapter from CFast to NVMe M.2 it would be possible to recover this case. Need to check. Looks like this modification isn't a common SATA-based SSD, because PS5013 is NVMe PCIe controller.