Toshiba chip TC58NVG7T2JTA00 (983AA892) / controller TC58NC6623G6F (successful)

Typical Flash recovery cases

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Toshiba chip TC58NVG7T2JTA00 (983AA892) / controller TC58NC6623G6F (successful)

Postby radovanhlavacek » 05.02.20, 10:59

I had case , USB flashdrive TOSHIBA 16GB, with memory chip TC58NVG7T2JTA00 (983AA892) / controller TC58NC6623G6F.
I used PC-3000 flash with last SW. ECC was not found after reading chip. My solution was very similar to solutions at Global solution center. But there ware some diferencies. ECC detection after XOR and use Virtual Image Based on the File System.

Cut Bad Bytes (software/hardware) - manual cutting bad bytes was better then automatic cutting. If I used manual cutting there was "more green files" :) at the end.
Page XOR transformation (ID_XOR ID=419)
Run finding ECC and applying ECC
Page size transformation
Raw recovery
2x Typical Interleave elimination (014)
Full RAW recovery
MAP - add a virtual drive ( ... ystem.html)
Successful case

Thank you very much Roman_TS for your help….

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