Resources Update - Not Working At My End Atleast

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Resources Update - Not Working At My End Atleast

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 23.10.17, 16:23

Hi Folks,
This is in reference to version thats there in current update of all current TS valid guys .My computer has kasperky antivirus and basic Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit Stuff .I am not able to update resources .It gives me a notification that repeat the download .This is told to us that will happen if our resources are current and we are still trying to update .So i disabled antivirus and tried no luck ,Then i deleted the entire Flash folder "saving my tasks elsewhere first " and then reinstalled it again from fresh scratch .This tool is again giving the same errors which actually means we are unable to update our tool for new chip databases , XOR values etc .Can someone try and and report back if this is indeed happening if it is we are not able to use the full features on the tool as there is ZEROOOOO updates .
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Re: Resources Update - Not Working At My End Atleast

Postby Roman_TS » 26.10.17, 23:01

We are planning to release new version of PC-3000 Flash 7.1 in nearest 7-14 days, and we already turned off updates for outdated versions - 7.0.6 and below.

Resources update would be available in new release of PC-3000 Flash that is going to appear in update boxes next week. Right now for 7.0.6 available only those resources which were included when software appear in update boxes in April 2017.
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