SD card damage.

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SD card damage.

Postby antonvn » 08.08.17, 11:20

Hi all,

I have a SD card, Lexar, which I got this morning from a customer. The customer said that there is a lot of photo's on the card, but when we put the card in a card reader, it shows that the card is empty. The customer says that he was working on his desktop, accessing the card and then the power went out - it is common here to have power failures. I cannot use the Flash to check the card yet, I need some help with the connections to be able to read it. In the meantime, could a power surge or spike wipe out the contents of the card?

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Re: SD card damage.

Postby Roman_TS » 09.08.17, 09:18

It's a typycal Firmware/translator issue. You should unsolder chips and read it with the help of PC-3000 Flash. Then - ask our technical support engineers to help you. Please note - we are not providing technical support on our forum.
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