LDPC and ECC Explanation

Basic questions about PC-3000 Flash functionality

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LDPC and ECC Explanation

Postby gameboybin » 27.12.22, 04:37

Hi everyone,

I recently just started out on Flash Recovery and heard a lot about LDPC and ECC

I have googled, and read through LDPC and ECC on google search. And have some description about those 2 things. However I still have very small understanding about them and what they do to the Monolith, Flash, and what do they do to Recovery in general.

I would love to understand more about the situation of SD, Micro SD, Flash situation right now.

And would love to learn more about LDPC and ECC that affects our Recovery Community. Will it be cracked in the future?? and how far are we to achieve that??

Would love to read some books, some posts, videos about them.

Many Thanks! :thumbup:

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