White column after ECC

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White column after ECC

Postby esc-tn » 03.05.22, 11:22

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to rebuild a key using a AU6998SN and memory chip (1x1 45DE88A3 72510A14, part size=8192Mb, page size=18336 bytes, block size=384 pages).
I've had success thanks to TS on an identical key that had bad bytes. This key however has not but has white columns after every ECC (see image).
white_column_after_ecc.jpg (437.71 KiB) Viewed 728 times

Removing them using bad bytes does not help, does anyone know what they might be?

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Re: White column after ECC

Postby SGdata » 03.05.22, 18:26

If it's after every SA in the same place than it's just end of ECC.

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