are Chip IDs 89C40C22 and 89D40C32 supported?

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are Chip IDs 89C40C22 and 89D40C32 supported?

Postby MicheleVitiello » 23.07.21, 14:25

Hello, we received a USB pendrive with no markings at all.
The controller is SM3281L and I know is supported.

The 2 memory chips however don't have any markings on them, they should be of 128GB each.
When I tried to read them the ID are 0x89C40C22-AA000000 and 0x0x89D40C32-AA000000.
Are these supported?

Thank you.
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Re: are Chip IDs 89C40C22 and 89D40C32 supported?

Postby Roman_TS » 23.07.21, 14:47


0x89D40C32-AA000000 - it's a QLC chip and it is already in PC-3000 Flash database and fully supported. We even have a ReadRetry for it. Usually, we can get not bad recovery result for this NAND ID.

As for 0x89C40C22-AA000000 - looks strange. Not sure that ID is correct, but theoretically we can add it in support list. You need to make a ticket and prepare the latest software version of PC-3000 Flash (7.5.14)
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