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Basic questions about PC-3000 Flash functionality

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Sample Drives

Postby pcdatainsights » 17.11.20, 00:49

I'm currently learning the software, and I need to purchase some USB Flash Drives to work on.
Can anyone recommend any Brands/Model numbers of USB Flash Drives that have a working solution in PC-3000 Flash that would be suitable for a beginner to start learning with?
I'm working on a couple of spares that were lying around, but I would like to compare the work I've done so far with samples that have a known working solution (easy beginner case)

All comments and suggestions are welcome!

Paul Delaney

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Re: Sample Drives  Topic is solved

Postby Roman_TS » 17.11.20, 09:31

Hello! For good cases training I recommend you to buy a - Flash drives with USB 2.0 / 3.0 interfaces with capacity from 4 till 16GB.
After that, write down some photos, wallpapers, office documents on it. Better to fill it by data on 70-95%. More data you will write then more information you get for understanding the future steps.

The best controllers for research are: Phison PS, Alcor AU, Silicon Motion SM, Innostar IS.

Here is the link on a good tool which can show you internal drive controller name and chip ID without flash drive disassembling:
With best regards
ACELab Technical Support

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