Apple SSD SM0128G (Samsung Brand)

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Apple SSD SM0128G (Samsung Brand)

Postby DCC-PC3K » 14.02.23, 12:16

Hi All,

I have an Apple SSD SM0128G (Samsung branded) from a MacBook 2013+ model (A1502).

Drive was working in MacBook but suddenly stopped (device was becoming slow, now drive no longer detected).

I have connected it to PC-3000 portable using the 2013 Apple adapter, drive becomes ready state and full drive info. I can manually sector edit and see data, but when I try and interact with the drive to create an image or run diagnostic check, drive errors on detecting max LBA and redyness timeout error. Drive then goes into BSY state.

Is this sounding like a software/firmware problem, or possible hardware fault?

What would you suggest to attempt getting an image?


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Re: Apple SSD SM0128G (Samsung Brand)

Postby Roman_TS » 14.02.23, 14:56

Hello. Usually, it's still possible to make an image of Apple drive - they are pretty stable. Just need to find good settings. Please make a ticket on our TS support portal and we will guide you:
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