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Postby SC3 » 02.12.20, 16:01

I'm really new to pc3k (just got it the other week) and wonder if there's a way to security unlock a MZ-YLF1280?

Is there an updated list of supported devices somewhere or is the printed manual the latest one?

After doing the ID Check I get OK on all parameters except these two:
Drive security locked (Yes)
Drive set max LBA info reading (Device wrror detected "ABR")



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Re: MZ-YLF1280

Postby Roman_TS » 03.12.20, 18:13

Hello Maddie.

Unfortunately this model is not supported. It's OEM analog of Samsung 850 EVO.

Starting from the Samsung 850 EVO, Samsung company completely lock the internal firmware modification and techno mode options. Right now without a digital signature, we can't influence on such drives without compatible Utility..
Our developers are working on it, but I'm afraid that solution will not be released in the nearest time.

List of supported SSD you can find here: ... dated.html
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