samsung Model # MZ-7PD256M

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samsung Model # MZ-7PD256M

Postby Nadpc3k » 16.06.16, 12:09

i have this ssd ... when power up stay BUSY... i try to load loader for controler S4LN02X01-8030 IT FAILS ALL THE TIME ... is there any way to fix this drive... why it is not taking the loader ?

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Re: samsung Model # MZ-7PD256M

Postby Roman_TS » 17.06.16, 09:16


Try to short drive in SAFE mode at first, and than - launch POWER and start Active Utility for Samsung. Than - try to upload loader. If there would be still nothing - than might be two options:

1. Drive has damaged NAND and that's we we can't upload loader.
2. Your drive FW has different version and not compatible with presented loaders.
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