Kingston SUV500M8/480GB

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Kingston SUV500M8/480GB

Postby FredW » 06.10.20, 14:54

Hi to everybody,
I have this Kingston SSD M2 SUV500/480 GB.
Controller is Marvell 88SS1074BSW2.
At starting in DE it has normal ID.
At reading all black UNCs.
Trying to make Verification test in Disk Utility all green :???:
Is the translator bad?
Does someboyd have an idea or better a solution for this kind of SSD.
I am willing to pay at positive results some amount for it.
Any comment or help would be more than appreciated.
Kind regards
Freddy :)

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Re: Kingston SUV500M8/480GB

Postby Roman_TS » 07.10.20, 08:13

Hello Freddy.

It’s a translator failure. Instead of a real data you get just zeroes. Such issue might happens due the bit errors in SA area.
Current drive is not supported. List of available models you can find here: ... dated.html
With best regards
ACELab Technical Support

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