Kingston (S)A400S37 480 GB

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Kingston (S)A400S37 480 GB

Postby FredW » 25.02.19, 15:53


we have 4 pieces of SSD from Kingston...are with Loader....but have many bad blocks at first reading....second reading with 255 tries give better result ...UNCs will mostly be read good.
My question: Is there another possibility to get more better results because looks like these "bad" Blocks are Phantom errors (as we call them :D ).
I mean is playing with chip temperature a possible way?
Many thanks in advance for intelligent answers :)
kind regards

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Re: Kingston (S)A400S37 480 GB

Postby Roman_TS » 25.02.19, 16:26

Hey Freddy,

Yeah, that's a well-known problem on all modern Phison drives. Usually they goes in a pair with a very bad TLC NAND chips which have very-very bad quality.

Here is our recommendation how to work with such drives:

1. Build translator and get access to image in DE;
2. Make FIRST copy of SSD to donor drive or in file image;
3. Make a submap of dark green (with ECC errors) and black (BAD) sectors and reread them with Retries x20-x50;
4. Make second submap of dark green and black sectors, and use FREEZE spray for cooling NAND chips during rereading. It should help to get 90-98% of all data from such drives.
With best regards
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Re: Kingston (S)A400S37 480 GB

Postby FredW » 25.02.19, 16:59

Wau :D
Spasibo bolshoe!!! Molodez :lol:

We will try it immediately.
Many thanks for your great help!

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