Sandisk Extreme Portable 1TB USB supported?

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Sandisk Extreme Portable 1TB USB supported?

Postby AST770 » 26.07.23, 23:58

I have a Sandisk Extreme Portable 1TB USB-C SSD.
After removing the internal M.2 SATA SSD, I connected the drive to PC3000 portable.
The drive will not provide Passport ID. It gets busy after ready, when sending any command to the drive.
The SSD's controller is Marvell 88SS1074.
The closest family to select in the Sandisk utility is Extreme Plus 1TB.
Anybody knows if this Sandisk extreme portable is supported and the family to select will be Sandisk extreme plus?
I am including a couple of pictures to check if someone could please provide guidance on USB 3 terminal connections
and shorting points in case the drive is supported.

Thank you All.
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Re: Sandisk Extreme Portable 1TB USB supported?

Postby ACE_Admin » 27.07.23, 10:01


Every single manufacturer who is dealing with Marvell controller is writing its own firmware for each new model of SSD. As the
result, we should develop a new utility for every single Marvell-based case. Right now, we can work with the following models:

Sandisk SSD Plus
Sandisk Ultra II
WD Blue

Even two Sandisk SSDs which belongs to different families but which are based on the same controller (like Sandisk X600, X400, Sandisk Ultra II) will requires additional researching and developing.
With best regards
ACE Lab technical support

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