SanDisk SSD Plus ECC errors

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SanDisk SSD Plus ECC errors

Postby headcrash » 04.04.22, 18:24


I have San Disk SSD Plus (SM2246XT) that accepts loader and builds translator.

Shows that the it has certain amount of bad pages (thousands).

I set DE to ignore ECC errors.

Any sector that has no data (all zeroes) in it reads good (Green), any sector with data is ECC error.

I have tried freezing NANDs and it has no effect.

Any possible way to get around ECC errors on every sector with data?

I suspect that NANDs are too far gone?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: SanDisk SSD Plus ECC errors

Postby d_d_recovery » 04.04.22, 19:15

You can also try heating the NANDs and see if that makes a difference.

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Re: SanDisk SSD Plus ECC errors

Postby Roman_TS » 05.04.22, 09:41

Heating the NAND chips with hot air up to +160C should help to reduce the errors.
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