SM2258AB-80-10000000 stays busy

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Re: SM2258AB-80-10000000 stays busy

Postby AJ2008 » 11.01.21, 13:31

I do not know background process for creating loader in PC3000, I assume there was some way to get raw dump of firmware to send to you which you can engineer because I guess some specific versions are more available at different regions and not always available to you.

I guess was always worth asking just in case there was some option to help you :)

thank you

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Re: SM2258AB-80-10000000 stays busy

Postby Roman_TS » 11.01.21, 14:09

Thanks Alyn :) We always trying our best to improve the quality and functionality of our tools, and we always glad to get some additional help.
We did a great job with XOR extraction for those cases which are not supported (Flash cases I mean) but for SSD it's much more complex :(
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