HGST HEJ423220H9E300

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HGST HEJ423220H9E300

Postby DCC-PC3K » 09.07.18, 14:45


I have a HGST HEJ423220H9E300 drive which is ATA locked. Family isn't detected in PC-3K, though the model/Serial, FW and capacity are read fine.

I notice that there is some support for HEJ4250xxF9xxxx and HEJ4210xxG9xxxx, but these just give a Techno Mode Key error if selected manually.

Has anyone dealt with this particular Endurastar before? I am interested in retrieving the ATA password if at all possible.

Kind regards.

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Re: HGST HEJ423220H9E300

Postby Filipp_TS » 25.09.18, 11:11


Try to manually select Any HEJ***** model name in Hitachi IBM utility and use "Password unlocking" option.
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Re: HGST HEJ423220H9E300

Postby Thomas.Willkomm » 28.09.22, 11:06


We have the same issue. Sadly, the "Unlocking Password" above does not work.
2x HEJ423220H9E300
1x HEJ423232H9E300

The error message is something about not being able to read NVRAM.
We believe we'll get increasing cases with those devices.

Current Version 7.1.10
Would be great to have this one covered in a future release. Thanks!

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